Pravin Karkhanis at MTM 15
Sep 15

Pravin Karkhanis is an intrepid traveler , with penchant for writing his travelogues . He will complete 69 years of age in November 2015 . He hails from Ambarnath in Thane District in the State of Maharashtra. He did his B.A .(Honours ) with Economics from Fergusson College ,Pune and did his LL.B. from University of Bombay. He has a daughter and a son –both are B.E. (Electronics) from Bombay University and both are married and settle in U.K.and U.S. respectively . Mr. Pravin worked as a Branch Manager and also as an Inspecting Officer in Bank of Maharashtra and his wife worked in Punjab National Bank .Both of them sought voluntary retirement from their respective jobs in the banks and are living happily at 1400Ambarnath .
Pravin has travelled on yezdi motorcycle from Mumbai—Delhi—Mumbai , Mumbai—Kolkata—Mumbai , Mumbai—Rome (Italy) —Mumbai . He has travelled extensively in the Continent of Africa , cloaking 14000 kilometers on his yezdi bike , through rugged terrains and thick forests ,covering a dozen African countries over 4.5 months.
Pravin has gone all alone , with a backpack on his shoulders , to all the neighbouring countries including Myanmar (Burma) , Bangladesh and even Pakistan .
Pravin has trekked to Himalayas and has done parikrama of Mount Kailash and Mansarovar way back in 1985 —He led the Second Batch all on foot , when the Chinese granted permission to us, visit those places in Tibet.