Hubert Kriegel
Jul 15

There seems to be nothing constant about this man’s life. Except for one thing, whenever the road called he dropped everything and just went. Going through 3 marriages, three daughters, lived in Europe, California and New York, ran a dance hall, owned a color separation service and sold real estate in Manhattan, Hubert Kriegel’s one passion throughout has been riding. He started back in 1971 with his brother William and friend Richard, where the trio wanted to zip through Europe and Middle East. The three of them wrote, published and mailed a pamphlet describing their dream trip in detail to every manufacturer and distributor in France. To their joy they received full sponsorship from Elf, Motul, Pirelli, Cibie, Moto Guzzi, Ducati and much of the French motorcycle industry. It also landed them with a Ducati 450 RT Scrambler, Moto Guzzi V7 and a sidecar rig, which went to Hubert. Since then he has been making short trips around the globe. But in 2005 when his last daughter Jessica graduated Hubert was put into introspection. He realized that he could get caught up in the mundane daily routine of life and 10 years later be poor or he could do exactly what he wants and 10 years later still be poor. He chose the latter. Renouncing his life in New York, Hubert moved into his motorcycle+sidecar on February 16th 2005. Although in the last few years, a rare disease has posed as an impediment quite a few times, dragging him back home or raising the risk of him travelling, Hubert still continues to hold on to the drive to ride and explore. He claims he isn’t a fan of big cities and more so of bureaucracy. “Bribery—don’t give in to it. The crooked officials know that there’s one thing important for travelers—time. I’ve got time, so if I need to, I’ll just sit down and read my newspaper. I can wait.” he says.

Hubert is not politically correct but respects peoples opinion, is not overtly social but loves being with people and does not recycle !!!

He finished 10 years of riding in 2015. He still continues to and wishes to ride till he dies. The world is his home.