Deepak Kamath at MTM 15
Sep 15

This is the among the emotional talks we have heard on the MTM platform.
At a time and age when the records were broken – Deepak and his mate Basavaraj set out across borders to set the fastest circumnavigation record around the globe on a motorcycle. Kitted up with the best available motorcycle then, Yezdi Roadking and support from the company, they achieved setting the Limca Book world record. A humble kind hearted soul who lives a simple day-to-day is a quite inspiration to many of us. What mattered in the end was not the World Record but the adventure of seeking and crossing borders.

Listen to this illustrious life – many records were set on cycles, K2K record and the world record. The story was lost in time when Deepak went underground to live a regular life. We are happy to have found him and the opportunity to document/archive it.