Sushanth Shetty

“Eventually, the views fade, the terrains ease, and the even bikes become superfluous. What keeps you going is the people you will come to meet. And those memories always remain.” – Sushant Shetty

Nothing could have been truer, when Sushant Shetty had decided to travel from Russia to China via Mongolia with no maps and no reservations. He was simply driven by his thirst of encountering new people, places and experiences along the way. A Mangalorean, Sushant was raised in Bangalore and spent most of his leisure time racing and rallying. The fiery hot blood of a teenager never seems to have left Sushant as he attempted to compete in one of the world’s toughest motorsport events – the Raid- de – Himalaya. Even as a young adult, Sushant hated air travel. He would befriend Truck drivers and drive along the Ghat sections to reach Bangalore. Completing his degree, Sushant moved to England to pursue a Master’s in Motorsport Engineering. Subsequently he opened a garage for high-speed cars in London before joining Ford Europe. With the hunger of a rambler Sushant rode across Europe, exploring the terrains of France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, and Norway. In the dead winters of 2012, with absolutely no training in swimming, Sushant worked on a Dutch commercial fishing trawler in the depths of the harsh and icy North Sea. After being further bitten by the stubborn adventure bug, in 2014, Sushant decided to ride from UK to India. He ached to finish the ride in 15 days and set a world record. But after facing Sandstorms in the Middle East and a denied entry into Pakistan, he had to give up his dream of a world record. Nevertheless, nothing could stop him from riding his way home. Making his way to the South of the Asian Sub-continent, Sushant rode his Suzuki Hayabusa to the Western Ghats which he claims is his favorite place to ride in the world.

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