Susan and Grant

Adrenaline pumped, stomach full of gusto, yearning for adventure and constantly seeking for life to surprise them…sounds like a young, rugged, fiery couple? No. This is only a terribly small and unjust description of Susan and Grant Johnson, a 50 plus couple who have rubber tramped across the world for 14 years, over 50 countries, including Antarctica, on a 1986 BMW R80G/S. Susan  still chuckles like a shy adolescent when Grant Johnson explains how they met and three years later from that first date, to the dismay of everyone they knew, they set off on a motorcycle to experience their planet hands on. Selling most of their belongings, Susan and Grant Johnson hit the roads in 1987 for their great odyssey. They made no rush to cover as much soil as possible. Instead Susan vouches for travelling slow and taking time to allow every place to touch you. “Stuff happens, life happens, serendipity happens so be flexible and prepared to change anything and everything, anytime.” says Susan. Circumnavigating around the globe they began understanding various concepts of travel on a larger, more philosophical level. For example, Grant claims, that within a few years they realized that ‘the borders were only in your head’ and that it was the attitude with which you approached various concepts during each sojourn that determined everything else. Today, Grant and Susan Johnson are the most sought after ‘Travel Gurus’ for amateur motorcycle travelers. 10 years into their expedition, in 1997 they began a small web page and uploaded all the emails they had exchanged for travel purposes. Soon, questions began pouring in and this small website is today one of the best online guidebook for any motorcycle traveler. HorizonsUnlimited.com is an online community dedicated to educating and supporting the community of world motorcycle travelers. Taking everything as it comes, allowing life to happen, the phenomenal narrative of Susan and Grant Johnson cannot be summarized to fit one page.

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