Sunny Gajjar

Born and brought up in Delhi, Sundeep AKA ‘Sunny’ Gajjar, started off as a Graphic Designer in 2000 while pursuing his Computer Science Degree. Realising scooters were not stable enough; in 2001 Sunny got his first bike – a Bajaj Pulsar. Subsequently, the very same year he also got his first camera – a Sony 1.3MP. Today, Sunny’s identity is defined by motorcycling and photography. For man of quiet beginnings, Sunny is one of those very few people who can have the cake and eat it too. Although, he claims, it sure hasn’t been a cakewalk to get to where he is today. In 2002, Sunny began a website called xBhp.com and over the next year he started uploading pictures of super bikes and expanding the site. Within one year, xBhp.com had close to 5000 registered members, making it the largest Indian motorcycling platform on the internet. But by 2005, Sunny found himself winding downhill. He was getting cashless, he had to abandon his Graphic designing, and he was spending too much time on maintaining website. In 2006, Castrol India bailed him out and he did his first ride around India on a super bike – a Honda Fireblade 1000RR. He called it “The Great Indian Road Trip”. The unrivalled success of the trip allowed Sunny to dare to dream bigger. Since then, he has covered New Zealand (2008), India and Ireland (2009), Italy, Malaysia and again New Zealand (2010), and the European Alps, USA (2011), and Japan and Philippines (2012). Sunny Gajjar was also the guest of honour at the World Ducati Week held in Italy on June 22, 2012 to which he rode across 10 countries, 10,000km, starting from Dubai on May 19, 2012. Sunny has joined and quit his job five times and each time he says he’s never regretted it. Nothing in the world quenches his thirst like motorcycling and photography. In 2008, Sunny coined the term ‘MotoGrapher’. Today, Sunny is one of those of rare riders, even among those in the motorcycling league, who can boast of riding across 50 Countries , across 3,00,000 Km , having shot close to 1,00,000 photos on approximately 102 Bikes.

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