Steph Jeavons

With a grandmother who rode motorbikes even during the war, it comes off as no surprise that Steph Jeavons showed up with quite a large amount of her grandmother’s genes in her blood. At the age of 10 she used to sneak out to learn to ride in a lane behind her house with the help of an older friend. 39 year old Steph, mother and grandmother (recently) began her journey on 23rd March 2014 from Ace Cafe, London. She aimed to ride around the world, covering at least 42 nations and 7 continents in 18 months. 7 continents because she wanted to ride on Antarctica as well, which she did manage to do, becoming the fifth person in the world and the first Brit to strap her bike onto a water vessel and ship it down to the southernmost part of this planet. Steph claims that when she decided to circumnavigate the globe, she also decided that she was going to travel off main roads and choosae as many back roads, dirt paths and unconventional routes as possible. For this very purpose she chose a Honda CRF250L motorcycle. She says she chose ‘Rhonda’, which is what she christened her motorcycle as, because she wanted a light weight bike that she’d be able to pick up whenever she fell. Her off-road terrain riding is what she thrives for. Apart from this Steph also planned the entire trip on minimum budget and hoped that she’d be offered a warm shower, bed and some food by different people as she travelled. Her self-imposed challenge was aimed at opening herself up to a much more real and raw world. Today, Steph Jeavon continues the family legacy, as her granddaughter can also boast of a biker grandmom who rode around the world on dirt roads, slept on strange couches and ate exotic food.

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