Sneh and Godwin

Once you taste the sky, it’s hard to live on soil. That’s exactly what happened to Godwin and Sneh D’cruz. Godwin had been riding for a few years, making a couple of trips across the Indian sub-continent. The calling came when the couple went on a six month long ride, traversing across the length and breadth of India and Nepal. It was the ride of a lifetime. A ride, that made coming back to the overcrowded city and going through everyday activities seem futile and meaningless. Realizing they couldn’t live the city life anymore, they gave up their occupations as hair dressers in Bollywood’s capital – Mumbai and moved to Manali. Today, Godwin and Sneh are the proud owners of ‘Ride Inn’ a little café and guest house specially made for riders. Right in the lap of nature, cozily nestled in the apple orchard in Shanag village, Manali is there picturesque little home that provides a comfortable stay for riders across the Himalayas. Both are members of the group 60 Kph, famous for its legendary movies “Solo trip to the top of the world” and “One crazy ride”. It’s almost right out of a movie… among the breathtaking mountains, living a life of hosting travellers and making a humble living off it are a content couple Godwin and Sneh D’cruz.

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