Sheonagh and Pat

How often do you meet two passionate riders with over 80 years of biking experience between them? We’re guessing, rarely. Sheonagh Ravensdale and Pat Thomson have partnered rides together and on their own to travel across terrains, countries and Indian states. In 1987, Sheonagh acquired her Rajdoot 350, supplied by Aspi Bathena’s brother! – And travelled from Pune to Chennai. Pat on the other hand travelled Zimbabwe to unleash her love for biking. Since then, this inseparable pair has toured several terrains, including 6 months in South America and 16 through Central America and Asia on Brazilian-built Honda Falcon NX400s, and all of Europe where Sheonagh uses a Suzuki Bandit 600 and Pat, a Honda CBR600! In India, they prefer local bikes. The duo is intensely involved with the Women’s International Motorcycle Association (WIMA) – Sheonagh was once the International President. Today, Pat and Sheonagh edit the WIMA newsletter distributed in over 20 countries.

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