Sangeetha Jairam

If there could be an Indian version of Heidi, then it is Sangeetha Jairam. Growing up in the coffee estates of Coorg, she claims that plants, trees, ponds, meandering streams, coffee plantations, paddy fields, dogs and chickens were her first companions in life, teaching her everything she now knows about friendship, compassion and love. Her father, after completing his studies in the US in 1965 rode back across continents to India on his BMW R/25. With her father being an avid motorcyclist, the seed of wanderlust was planted deep within Sangeetha at a very young age. She fondly recalls many summers where her brother and she would play assistant mechanics to their father, stripping down his motorcycle to its frame and cleaning it. She began riding at the impressionable age of 15, her toys being a Suzuki Shogun, Yamaha RD350. Over the years she moved through various versions of BMW’s and KTM’s.

In 2000, she began her tryst with the Himalayas and has been going back there ever since. In 2007, while being a full time mother, Sangeetha, along with her buddies made their first big ride to Bhutan for 17 days. Since then she has gone on motorcycle expeditions across Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kenya – Africa. In 2008, she discovered Ladakh and each time she goes back there, she says she hits home. Sangeetha Jairam took to yoga in 2004 and is now a qualified yoga instructor. She claims that “I believe, yoga is the martial art of the soul and it helps us recognize and fight our biggest enemy, our ego.” So our little Indian Heidi is today a yoga instructor, motorcyclist, volunteer with terminally ill patients and a mother. Sangeetha Jairam’s is a story of Heidi to Superwoman that is surely worth a listen.

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