Rashmi Tambe

He pulled up on the side walk, swung out of his bike in full leather gear to pay for some smokes. Little did he know that a young 10yr old Indian girl had imprinted this image in her mind forever. Today, Rashmi Tambe is your typical movie style biker chic. But what sets her apart from the women on screen is that she actually rides like a beast, added to the fact of looking like one too! From cruisers, to dual sport to dirt bikes, her affair with the two-wheels is a long standing one. Apart from riding, Rashmi is also writer, editor, voracious reader, runner and hiker. Born and bought up in Mumbai, today Rashmi is settled in Seattle, USA. She began riding in 2005 and has been now riding for close to 10 years. Apart from numerous short rides, she boasts of a few long rides. She has ridden 3000 miles from Seattle to Alaska with her friend Sarah, 5000 miles solo across North America, and 5000 km solo around Central and Western Europe. She claims that she has a hunch that she might even have been the first Indian women to have done some of those rides. Being a passionate writer, Rashmi has published several times in the American Motorcyclist. Rashmi Tambe is also the founder-editor of the Global Women Who Ride Project, an ambitious project that aims to document the stories of women riders across the world with an aim of crafting it into a book in a few years.

 There is simply no better feeling than blasting down a winding road, throwing the bike around corners, rolling on the throttle and feeling the power of your machine as you melt into one.” – Rashmi Tambe

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