Mauktik Kulkarni

He is every parent’s dream and nightmare come true. Dream because after he finished his Bachelor’s in Electronics & Telecom Engineering from University of Pune, he went to the US to get a Masters in Biophysics & Computational Biology (UIUC) and another Masters in Neuroscience. Now, one would suspect that a man of such qualification would grab the next high flying job and be on his way to own his own little kingdom. But, no. The day Mautik Kulkarni received his offer letter from a neurotech start-up in the US, he packed his bags, rented a bike and landed in Cuzco, Peru with no plan or knowledge of Spanish. During the course of this 8000km ride over 40 days, Mautik accounted his trip in a memoir called ‘A Ghost of Che: A motorcycle ride through Space, Time, Life and Love. Returning from this trip, he joined the neurotech start-up and worked for four years where he made enough money to satisfy his wanderlust for a year. So, the next year he spent travelling through 36 countries. Some of his favorite moments being (in his own words)…visiting a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, chasing the midnight sun in Norway, visiting Aushwitz in Poland, enjoying the sun in Spain and Morocco, trying to climb Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, going to the shark cage diving in South Africa, walking on the Great Wall, seeing the killing fields in Cambodia, scuba diving in the Great Barrier reef, walking on glaciers in New Zealand, partying in Rio for the carnival, going to the Southern tip of Argentina and spending a week in the Amazon jungle in Colombia! But none of this could parallel the experience of backpacking in India, he claims. He made a documentary film on his backpacking experience with Samantha Jo Fitzsimons in India called “Riding on a Sunbeam’, which attempts to inspire and influence people to tread out of their classrooms and offices and dive into the larger world of energy and adventure. Today Mautik is settled in India, works multiple jobs and explores the country in every way possible.


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