Maj Gen RK Jain (retd)

If you thought riding around the world on a motorbike for a year or two was a crazy plan, then what would you call a man who cut across several countries on his 100cc scooter? Insane, isn’t it? That is exactly what 59yr old Major General (Ret.) RK Jain did in 1993, where he made his first expedition on his Kinetic Honda scooter to England in 33 days. Traversing across 9,000kms in this epic journey he whizzed past several European and Middle Eastern countries. He made another legendary ride to Australia with his son in 2004, where both father and son rode 8,000kms on two scooters all the way from India (the ocean stretches crossed on air, of course). Apart from these two major rides he has also been on numerous short rides within India, like the 1,800 km Delhi-Vaishnodevi or the Delhi-Pune circuits, or the 4,000 km round trip from Delhi to Chennai and back via Nagpur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and other places. During each of his rides, Major follows certain strict self-imposed rules. He claims that he rides only during the day, restricting himself to a maximum of 300kms a day. He also follows an exercise regimen, a combination of yoga and joint exercises to keep away the back pain caused due to riding a two-wheeler. Today Major General RK Jain is ’80 years young’ (in his own words) and he’s right. It remains only and only the number ‘80’ that differentiates him from any young adventurous, charismatic rider.

“I want to inspire senior citizens and the youth alike on the spirit of adventure. Embarking on adventures develops an attitude in us that can help us face the odds and overcome any problem in life.”  – Major General (Ret.) RK Jain