As a young 14yr old boy, aching to feel adrenaline burst through his veins, it was a grave spirit dampener when his father bought a Kawaski 100, clearly instructing him to only touch the bike in order to clean and maintain it. The same young boy went on to become an assistant manager at JSW Steel, Vijayanagar works. The 14yr old boy who lusted for life was still very much alive in Kedarnath, who hit the road for his first long ride on his Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 cc. In 39 days Kedar had ridden across 8,300kms. His colleagues and friends thought he’s gone bonkers when he announced that he wished to ride around the world. After long negotiations at his work place Kedar was told that he would be granted four months paid leave and two lakh rupees cash for his trip. With nothing to stop him anymore from realizing his dream Kedar’s joy knew no bounds. Choosing to go solo, in 2014, Kedar travelled across 13 countries covering over 18,000kms. His route was traced as such: India-Iran-Turkey-Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary-Budapest-Austria-Czech Republic-Germany-Belgium-France-Spain-France-Italy-Greece-Turkey-Iran-India. It on this journey, he said, that he got a chance to put every skill that he had learnt to some meaningful use. He claims that he had realized at a very young  age that riding was his religion and the whole process of travelling, meeting people and seeing new places was not merely a great experience but a spiritual expedition that always affected him at a very intense level.

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