Joshua John

” Pain refines. Grace redeems. Love wins.
As a curious pilgrim, currently I love and live in Delhi with my wife and two kids. As a freelance artist I grapple with the deeper issues of life before the womb, beyond the tomb and everything in between. Adventure motorcycling is an outward expression of my inner journey.”

Joshua John started riding in his imagination long before he could actually ride. It got kick-started in the early 80’s when a visiting doctor rode her Triumph from the UK to the hospital his dad was running in rural UP, India. Over the last decade he has ridden all the way down to the tip of India to the top, Nepal couple of times and the Lahaul-Spiti-Ladakh region various times and the usual Golden Triangle of India. He prefers to ride instead of taking a train or a flight anywhere so has done countless shorter rides, especially into Himachal and Uttarakhand. He has sat on motorcycles in South Korea, New Zealand, South Africa and United States and dreams of riding the world.

Back home he travels by painting about his experiences and sharing stories with others. He is a fine artist who incorporates adventure motorcycling, Himalayan landscapes and ancient parables into his paintings. He is also the only artist to have ever held two solo exhibitions entirely based on adventure motorcycling.  He is also the organiser of Delhi Bikers Fest, Spark Plug talks and founder of the Delhi Bikers Breakfast run.

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