Jay Kannaiyan

March 5, 2010. Woke up, rolled out his beast and with nothing but a home that fit in his palm, Jay Kannaiyan set out to make his journey back home. In 3 years and 3 months, Jay rode 103,200 kms through 33 countries, using up 48 pages across 3 passports. And he was not alone. He had SanDRina, his trusted Suzuki DR 350 with him. During the course of the entire trip SanDRina went through 17 oil changes and 6 sets of tyres, with hardly any major hiccups.

Jay was born in Chennai and raised in Zambia. Came back to study in Kaodaikanal and then flew off at the age of 18 to the United States where he landed a job in a comfortable product design gig, after his engineering. Claiming to be a nomad by birth, Jay says he first got interested in riding when his uncle gave him his first riding lessons on a Hero Honda (100cc Indian motorcycle) during his vacations in Madras. Having the wind in his face, the first burning desire to explore was planted. Giving up his corporate job in Chicago, selling his house and giving away most of his belongings, Jay had set out with only a rough idea about the route he was to take and general time frame of his trip. When the path ran out of roads, waters shipped him off to his next destination. During his three years of exploration Jay spent one year in Kenya, stopping over to complete his master’s in sustainable development, through distance learning, from the University of London. Jay says he’d like to be known as an ambassador of ‘Slow travel’ in which one travels with patience, grit and an accepting, open mind. He says he felt most at home whenever he was able to cook his chicken curry using his mother’s spices. In this way he cooked 56 chicken curries in different countries, taking with him and sharing his piece of home across this planet.

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