Haroon and Farzana

“So many roads, so little time. But if you have a dream, believe in it & pursue it”

Haroon and Farzana, a humble couple, settled in Bangalore, are not your quintessential ride-around-world couple. After a decade of pondering over the idea and persuading his wife to accompany him…today their only question is “Where next?” They took their first big step when they bought two tickets to Germany and sent their children off to their grandparent’s house. Their first ride was along the European Alps on a rented, brand new, light blue-grey, BMW R1200RT. Covering 300kms that first day, in Munich they knew that this was just the beginning of totally new phase in life. Today, Haroon Rafiq and Dr.Zainaba Farzana hold a national record in the Limca Book of Records for being the first Indian couple to ride over six continents on BMW motorcycles, doing a 7-9 day ride across 2-4 countries in each continent. After the ride along the Alps they followed it up with a South India Peninsula ride in 2010, South Africa ride in 2011, USA ride and New Zealand ride in 2012, Colombia ride in 2013. They have covered a total of 10,434kms on their different BMW’s. Haroon claims that one of their many memorable moments was taking the final trip on foot to get to the edge of Cape Agulhas which is marked as the bottom most tip of the African continent. “The breathtaking scenery at Cape Agulhas cannot be truly captured on camera nor explained in words. It needs to be experienced.” Says Haroon Rafiq.

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