Frank Voellm

Frank Voellm thought he’d quench his thirst for travel when he decided to backpack and discover the planet. But after close to a decade of nonstop globe-trotting with his home in a rucksack, he found himself lusting for something more than what his feet could provide. So, in 2007 he went out of the way and treated himself to a BMW. To ensure if this was his calling, he did what he calls a mere ‘test drive’. He traversed from Germany to Ukraine, all the way to Southeast Europe, touching Balkans. His ‘test drive’ had him zipping through twenty-one countries in a little over two months (69 days to be precise). The triumph of that trip set the wheel rolling within Frank. In 2010, Frank was smelling sea salt, when he and his bike shipped off from Hamburg to Buenos Aries. Seeking for untamed, rural adventure, Frank kept off the Pan Americana whenever possible. Instead he meandered his way through the Andes North, snaking around Central America and finally riding along both the northern highways – The Dempster in Canada and the Dalton in Alaska, to reach the Arctic Ocean. During the course of the next year Frank Vollm discovered Guatemala, Florida and Eastern Canada on his motorcycle. By the summer of the 2013 his BMW had victoriously covered over 100,000 miles in America. At the moment, Frank is facing the wind in his face, making his way, all the way to India on a KTM Duke 390.

He was speaker at the BIG Trip – IBW 15 hosted by MTM

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