Eliza Massey

Eliza Massey is a photographer, traveller, a mother and grandmother from Hope , Maine, USA. She is now in her 15 month of her solo journey on a BMW G650 . She started on October 20 ,2013 from Maine traveling across the US , into to Mexico, and through Central and South America. She continued her journey up the east coast of Africa and is now completing her tour with 5 months in India. Eliza doesn’t necessarily consider herself a “Biker Chic” but rather a Photographer, who loves the adventure of solo motorcycling and all the exciting and unplanned events that can and do arise. Although she has been riding motorcycles since 14 , her first real solo journey began in 2010 , when she bought a Honda Win 110 in Hanoi and toured Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos for two winters. It was from writer and motorcycle adventurer Ted Simon and his book “Jupiter’s Travels” that she became aware that such a reality could be possible and the range of inspiration endless. She is honored to be selected as a “ Jupiter’s Traveller” from the Ted Simon Foundation. Traveling alone by motorcycle through different countries and culture, has given her the opportunity to discover first hand that as many differences as we have, the important things in life we all share. Its universal. We ultimately want the same things for our families and communities. Meeting and sharing time with people of different cultures other than your own helps build trust, understanding and even love regardless of any religious or political affiliations. The experience benefits both and we all become stronger and more united in this world together. Motorcycle touring gives great reflection to ones own existence and spirit as well as those you meet on the road. Eliza hopes to produce some photographic exhibits and books of her 18 month journey to celebrate the human spirit and the theme “We Are All One”.


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