Dan Popescu

The R504 Kolyma Highway aka ‘Road of Bones’, a long road running through Russian Far East is more than just a highway connecting destinations. Below the tar and gravel of the path lies a pain that in one way has been literally pushed under the mat and in an another way pays a tribute to the men who gave their blood and sweat. Below the Road of Bones lay the skeletons of the forced Romanian laborers who constructed the highway during the Regime of Stalin. In the year 2010 Dan Popescu decided to pay homage to these laborers by doing a ride along the same highway. The Road of Bones beginning from Magadan, Russia, snakes its way, 2000kms down to Yakustskin, a small town in Siberia. This is one of the coldest regions on Earth, especially in winter where the temperatures drop down to below 35 degrees. Even more so, the entire terrain is one of the most challenging terrains to ride on for any motorcyclist in the world. Dan Popescu began his odyssey on July 22nd, 2010 and traversed the path, completing his ride on September 23rd, 2010. He made another trip along the same road in late March, 2012 on his Aprilia Pegaso 650 IE. He called this ride ‘Wolf Ticket Expedition 2012 – Winter TransSiberian Expedition’, where he along with a backup team rode the terrain in a few days during the dead of winter, where the sun graced the day barely for few hours. Dan Popescu was the first solo rider on the planet to cut across the uncompromising and mercilessly demanding ‘Road of Bones’.

Dan is also the President of the Romanian Motorcyclists Association (AMR). Dan likes to think of himself as a long range adventure biker and is now planning another ride in the unpredictable terrains of Siberia which will once more be a one-of-a-kind jaunt. As he prepares for the harsh winter expedition – he lives in India absorbing warm Indian weather. He has been strong supporter of MTM and showers us with his presence whenever we call for a meet. He is hilarious company and much loved by the MTM team.

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