Bharadwaj Dayala

Pass by this calm and moderately built 45yr old man on the road and no one would be able to tell (unless of course you’ve seen or read about him) that this unassuming man was the first Indian ever to go around the world on a motor cycle. Bharadwaj Dayala resides in Vizag and runs a hospital with some friends. He admits that he himself thought he was the least likely person to do what he did. He claims that the idea dawned upon him when life had thrown him to the pits and he had nothing but a lot of time. Inspired by an ad in the newspaper, he hung a sign board outside his room that read “You are welcome (But please leave in 10mins…this applies to best friends as well). Bharadwaj stayed holed up for 2 years, reading and gathering as much information as there could be about riding solo around the world. After 24 months of this rigorous planning, with no Indian references to draw from, all legal procedures completed, on 2nd April 2006 he was flagged off for his maiden voyage by the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Y.S. Rajashekara Reddy along with family, friends and a few bikers. After riding across 5 continents, 14 countries and covering 47,000 km in 18 months, he returned home on October 2, 2007. Wasting no time after his return, on 15th March 2014, Bharadwaj spearheaded a biker movement called ‘Vande Mataram’, where he and a large group of bikers rode to all 29 states of India propelling the youth into participate and vote in the 2014 April/May General Elections. It is unfair to have anyone but Bharadwaj himself narrating his story as no one can ever narrate it with the zest with which he does it.

“In your lifetime if you really want to discover yourself discover the world discover humanity. Go around the world on your motor cycle” – Bharadwaj Dayala

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