Avinash Thadani

He Heard. He Yearned. He Conquered.
Avinash Thadani is best described as a restless, impulsive teenager bundled up in a fiery, ambitious man’s body. And when you put such a creature on a beast of a bike it could only spell a rugged, passionate, wild adventure. Spending most of his life in Bombay and NYC, he yearned for some rural excitement. Avinash says he was drawn to the idea of riding, ever since he saw Top Gun at the age of 10. He bought the third bike he test drove on his 21st birthday claiming that he learnt to ride itself while test driving different bikes. It was while studying in US that a friend showed him a map of the Pan-America Highway. A mesmerized Avinash Thadani carried the map with him everywhere, dead sure that he was going to take the plunge and ride along it someday soon. 10 years later, quitting his job and before moving back to India he decided to follow Che Guevara’s journey on the very same highway on a motor cycle. He admits that he knew nothing about bikes except how to ride it. After two months of preparation and faking an itinerary for the Embassies, with all his papers in hand, Avinash says the hardest part was to just start… ‘To cross the rubicorn’ (in own his words). On the very first day of his Pan-America ride he had a rough accident which he says bought him to the reality he had chosen. Four intense months later, Avinash had ridden over 7 countries, 15,000kms on his KTM640 adventure and clearly he wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.
“It doesn’t matter what work we do, it only matters that the work eventually provides us with a motorcycle, some cash and time.” – Avinash Thadani

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